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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Earl of Onslow dies aged 73

Earl of Onslow in the House of Lords
I've just noticed this on the BBC website.

"The hereditary peer, the Earl of Onslow, has died, House of Lords speaker Baroness Hayman has announced. The 73-year-old peer had been a member of the House for 40 years and last spoke in the chamber on 29 March. A self-styled "disloyal" Conservative, he was known for his colourful bow ties and outspoken views on issues such as drugs, which he called to be legalised."

Nick Clegg is currently unveiling plans for a second chamber populated by 300 members, 80% of which could be elected. Who might get to choose the candidates, I wonder? Maybe they will be those who failed for the other place.

Lord Onslow saw humbug, spoke up against it, and was not afraid to speak his mind. I'd far rather have a 100 of him than one of Clegg's nominees! Let the dust settle on the House of Commons, with all its recent travails, before we get to pontificate on the House of Lords. Anyway, who is so desperate for this supposed reform? Most people are worried about their immediate futures.


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