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Monday, May 23, 2011

MP names wayward footballer in Commons

Imogen Thomas
John Hemming, a LibDem MP, has named in the House of Commons the footballer at the centre of the Imogen Thomas affair. And why not, I say. It's all getting far too ridiculous. If this doesn't stop soon, we will have to come to terms with being led by clowns.

Yesterday Manchester United had a family day out with their premier footballers all looking like auditioners for a Walt Disney family movie. Except one is apparently not so good at maintaining marital fidelity. One wonders what it was all about. Can't have improved their image. In fact, the one I thought it may be is apparently not the one. But those who think it may be the one they think it is may be wrong. Hey-ho!

Why should MPs and the judges know who the guy is anymore than the rest of us? This is like a water company's leakage rate. Why not tell us all who the idiot is because this is very distracting. Then we can all forget him and go about life in the usual way.


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