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Friday, May 06, 2011

Solihull goes blue with green tinges!

The Conservative Party has gained six seats to regain its position as majority party on Solihull Council. Previously Solihull was run by a Liberal Democrat/Labour Coalition. It is interesting to see that the BBC has not caught up with local coalition deals preferring to retain the nebulous "No Overall Control" label. NOC gives the impression of a council out of control, or at best not quite in control of things!

The total votes cast for candidates (numbers in brackets) were -

Conservatives (17) 30,321
Liberal Democrats (15) 12,980
Labour (17) 11,076
Greens (17) 4,972
Solihull and Meriden Residents Association (17) 3,728
English Democrats (4) 746
UK Independence Party (3) 447
British National Party (2) 305

The council looks like this now -

Conservative Party - 29 (up 6)
Liberal Democrat Party - 12 (down 4)
Labour Party - 6 (down 2)
Green Party - 3 (up 2)
Independent Liberal Democrat - 1 (no change)

So the Conservatives have a 5 seat majority.

Whilst the Conservatives did very well, it has to be said that the Green Party is putting down roots. In fact they already did this and two more shoots sprung up. Also SAMRA - Solihull and Meriden Residents Association - have broken out of the also rans club by doing quite well in Blythe Valley and the Shirley wards, where they robbed the Liberal Democrats of a seat or two. As for the BNP, they've shrunk and sunk and leave little trace of their venture into Solihull politics.


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