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Thursday, May 05, 2011

UK votes today for a mixed bag in mixed bag elections

Scottish sweet seller spotted in Holyrood candy store
Some pundits in electoral sciences are calling this "Super Thursday" as a take on America's Super Tuesdays. Not a lot super about it really. For some they've only got the AV referendum to think about. People like my sister and she's not said much about it. On the other end of the scale are the voters of Leicester South who get to vote for an MP, a new fangled city mayor, and councillors too. They might have to phone a friend when in the polling booth. No good asking the audience. It will be interesting to see which contest gets the higher turnout.

Alex Salmond might be a happy bunny. He thinks he's on his way to independence. But voting SNP does not necessarily mean supporting SNP. Voters do what they do on the day and we get far more floating voters these days. If they float in his direction, that's probably because his candy store has more tempting goodies in it today. And, if he's selling anything sweet, it's a hard thing to say no as he's capable of persuading you that black is white.

I'm not finding it hard to say NO to the Alternative Vote. "X" marks the spot!


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