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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blue Peter moves out of Television Centre

"Oooh, get off me foot!"
The longest running children's television show in the world is leaving the confines of Television Centre and moving up north to the new Salford Quays operation in Manchester. I don't see Blue Peter these days as it is not a particular favourite of my children. However, I was a fan for quite a time in the Sixties. My time was with Peter Purves (always known by local children to rhyme with curves!), Valerie Singleton and John Noakes. But I also remember Christopher Trace who had that bit more gravitas, no doubt for the older children.

It is still much the same today, although the voices and mannerisms are much changed. My fondest memory is that of the baby elephant visiting the studio. Most people talk of the elephant but I found the zoo keeper to be the best part. They don't make them like that anymore. He appeared to be a smaller version of Oliver Hardy. Here it is on YouTube (thank you YouTube!) - with that famous ditty about John Noakes to follow.


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