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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hidden card charges for travel tickets to be banned

Hidden card charges to be outlawed?
The BBC reports that travel companies have been ordered to end the use of hidden surcharges for passengers paying by card. It was an outrage to start with. Rather like the price of a new car, which you could never get for all the extra on-the-road charges. Paying by debit card should be just like paying cash.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has ordered them to make all debit or credit card charges clear immediately. It also wants the law changed to abolish charges altogether for using debit cards. So lets get the clarity and let's get the law changed. We are fools to ourselves. We let corporate Britain run itself like a group semi-house trained gangsters. They are all at it. The utility companies with their deceiving price tariffs, the large retailers with dubious pricing, the banks (hold my tongue!) and others.

It cannot be right for these large corporations to carry on regardless with their corruptions and conniving, just brushing off the odd official condemnation. We want clarity in our business dealings not obfuscation and deception. I hope the OFT acts swiftly and leaves no stone unturned.


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