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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lord Strathclyde speaks with silver forked tongue

Lord Strathclyde performing in the House of Lords
House of Lords reform, eh? What they mean is some second rate gasbags' senate. Lord Strathclyde was once opposed to electing another lot of politicians. Now he's on the bandwagon for an elected chamber. Who are these people going to be? The ones that an AV election for the Commons might have weeded out? And is the proposed "democratic" change going to be as democratic as the Euro elections, with their closed list, follow the party pecking order selection? The whole thing stinks.

I cannot imagine for one minute capable people spending money on election campaigns only to be asked to peruse legislation, not get too uppity and basically nod government bills through so the Queen can put pen to paper that much more quickly.

The devil is in the detail they say. I bet when we get the detail it will contain a score of devils, all bubbling along with brimstone if not fire. A senate like the United States senate is one thing. A poor relation just to appease some whim of liberals and secularists is quite another. I hope the whole thing dies a death. We've far more important things to be doing like fighting the deficit. If anything needs reforming it's the fractional reserve banking system which allows money to be conjured up out of thin air.

Talk of getting your priorities right! The House of Lords is not the enemy, it's the ones in the House of Commons that let the bankers gamble on derivatives and send us all to financial cloud cuckoo land. Greece is far more serious. Default on the loans and we won't be able to afford such luxuries as an expensive senate. Why try to fix something that isn't really broken?


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