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Monday, June 20, 2011

No jokes at the Tea Party

"Heard the one about Sarah Palin and the....?"
The Republican Party is becoming a bit of a sad case. Not really bothered with the US economy, with its stresses and strains caused by relentless immigration and the exports of jobs to China and Mexico countered by relentless government spending backed by "quantitative easing" (or printing money in old talk!). No, they prefer rabbiting on about whether the president was born in the USA, about gung-ho wars abroad, salivating about socialised medicine and generally not knowing much about what lies past their white picket fences. Now, it seems they can't take a joke either.

Reggie Brown is an impersonator of Barack Obama. Doppelganger might be more appropriate. He was booked to crack a few gags at a Republican shindig. The first joke went down well. That's because it was about Anthony Weiner, internet smut trafficker and newly resigned Democrat Congressman. But when the jokes hit home about the Republican candidates in next year's presidential election, they got all rigid with sanctimonious self-importance and turned his microphone off.

I'm following the booing of geese so to speak and it now appears that the Republican Party's higher echelons can't stand their geese being booed (with anodine jokes). Are they really fit for government if they have no sense of humour and have no sense of economic reality? Of course, I remove Ron Paul from this cabal, as he is very much aware of the economic perils and is often seen enjoying a joke. On that score, Republican supporting Americans know where their allegiance should lie.


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