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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Richard Dawkins - Is it a case of evil be?

Looking serenely atheistic!
I've just seen Archbishop Cranmer's Blog about the arch-secularist and purveyor of all things atheistic Richard Dawkins. Dawkins has been in Dublin setting up some declaration for atheists in a proposed secular state. He hopes the churches will “wither away”, describing the Catholic Church as “an evil institution . . . by far the worst where the churches are concerned”.

Richard Dawkins is very keen on describing Christians as evil. Of course, for him his life is only a flicker in time. He thinks that when he dies that's it. Only a memory will be left of him. And the memory he is so keen to leave us with is one of a rather petty atheist mocking God and trying to belittle those who have belief. I could say it's water off a duck's back, but many are upset and troubled by his nastiness. It's one thing to be an atheist, it's quite another to be supremely pompous about it.

The Most Noble Order of the Garter, that chivalrous order of knighthood, has the motto "Honi soit qui malypense" (in Norman French) which roughly translates as "Evil be to him who evil thinks." So if Dawkins thinks the Catholic Church is evil, what will become of him? Now there's an evil thought!


Egads! Does the arch know he's only a human being, a mortal sinner? Doesn't da arch know God could smite him if God so chooseth high-up on his arrogant arch? The higher thou shall be, the harder thou shalt fall -Shakespeare HeeHee But, alas, very sad to know only ONE in FOUR of humanity wilt make it in, my just and worthy liege. Doesn't Almighty God say so? Doesn't the Trinity and our Mother? Shouldn't da arch say the Rosary? Or is he tooo proud? Only 2 realms after our demise, arch... and 1 of 'em ain't too cool. Let's pray for da arch, Arden; let's beg God to let him repent and be humble enough to see his errors as I do every month. God bless you. Meet me in Heaven. We'll have a keg, throw darts, and discuss legth of eternity. God bless.

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