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Friday, July 08, 2011

Andy Coulson in custody - arrested today by police

Andy Coulson has been arrested at a South London police station, has had his DNA taken along with fingerprints and a mugshot, and is now looking forward to lunch on a tray in a cell. Banged up I think it's called. No wonder David Cameron put on his press conference this morning. His old publicity guru on his way to the interview room so the Downing Street machine went into overdrive.

Unless one is drunk or mentally unstable, a period in police cells must be quite sobering. What is going through his head right now, I wonder? Evil thoughts about Murdoch? What's the betting that by the end of today, Rebekah Woods has been put in the frame and other juicy bits fed to the detectives. There can be no point in him telling them he knows nowt. They will just laugh at him. Best to make a clean breast of it all and get it over quickly.

I hope Her Majesty has room in her various properties for Her Pleasure to be extended.

How they process prisoners in Welsh police cells -


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