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Friday, July 22, 2011

Are all marriages involving an ethic minority suspect?

Nuptials disrupted due to police "mistake"
When the state clamps down, it's general done in an all embracing way and that's not a romantic embrace at all. A few years back a store in Sparkhill, Birmingham was raided by the Border Agency Brigade. Armed officers burst into this bakery and apprehended all about them. They suspected illegal immigrants were working there. Unable to determine for themselves who the likely suspects were, everyone on the premises had to be detained for questioning. Including very pasty-faced Brummies. Political correctness would have it no other way.

Now, in Northern Ireland, police have apologised to a couple whose wedding in Londonderry was mistakenly stopped on suspicion it was a "sham marriage". Neil McIlwee and his pregnant fiancee, Yanan Sun, were about to get married at the Guildhall on Tuesday when police entered the building and arrested them. So here is a sort of reverse thinking. Londonderry guy marrying a woman from the Orient? Can't be right. So in storms PSNI armed with an anonymous letter and some paperwork faxed through about two hours earlier and stops the wedding.

In both cases the innocent suffer for the guilty. But with lots of these cases happening over the months it would be nice to think that the police did a bit more thinking instead of just doing.


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