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Friday, July 08, 2011

BSkyB shares take a tumble after Murdoch's gamble

I'll get my hands on the buggers who got in my way!
Rupert Murdoch thought he might be in the clear with BSkyB if he got rid of the News Of The World. No such luck, cobber! He's now in a real bind. He's got Rebekah Brooks standing in front of him as some kind of human shield. He's got existing BSkyB investors seeing their investments shrink like Alice in the Pool of Tears and he's got Andy Coulson festering in a police cell.

The public don't want him, the media is wary of him and he's in the sorry situation of looking like a gambler with a dodgy hand. Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, is taking the long view. Very long I'd say. And Hunt said he would be taking advice from Ofcom and the Office of Fair Trading. They might advise that Murdoch was not a fit and proper person.

The sky's the limit they say. In this case that's probably very true. Murdoch faces oblivion if he doesn't mend his ways.


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