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Friday, July 29, 2011

Christopher Jefferies gets justice from the tabloids

Christopher Jefferies
The landlord of landscape architect Jo Yeates, who was murdered around Christmas time last year, has accepted "substantial damages" from eight newspapers over libel claims. They wrote unsubstantiated nonsense about him. The usual made up stuff when they take against a person or decide they know who did something or other.

Anyway, he's had the courage to take on the tabloids. He's got substantial damages and an apology. For those traduced each day and who cannot afford the luxury of a court case, we need something a bit better. Baroness Buscombe has decamped from the Press Complaints Commission. Hopeless apparently. Free speech is one thing. So is properly researched opinion. But innuendo and lies, well, that's completely different.

Mr.Jefferies is suing the police for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment. That should be an interesting matter. If he wins it might stop some policemen judging by appearances.


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