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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dave ducks the dodgy questions

Thinking about an answer
I thought Tony Blair was the master of all he surveys when it came to weasel words. Now he's likely to be outdone by David Cameron, who gave a bravado performance this morning in the House of Commons. Cameron was asked by Tom Watson about a letter he'd sent Cameron in October last year. Cameron feigned memory loss about the epistle. Then he was asked about discussing BSkyB with Rapunzel of the Redtops. No straight answer there either. But we did get to hear that Cameron has never seen Rebekah Brooks in her pyjamas. I never heard anybody ask if he had.

Personally I cannot understand for the life of me what Cameron saw in Coulson. The guy appears to be a spiv and not a very decent one at that. Anyway, why does Cameron need a spin doctor, or spin nurse even? He's pretty good at all this himself. Spinning, though, does not mean truthfulness. Transparency does not mean truthfulness. I can stick a piece of glass in front of my face, but it still won't help me determine if what I see is good or bad. That is done by my own senses.

I've got the distinct feeling that the answers given were not totally factual. Probably with enough wriggle room for revision. I'd hoped better from Cameron. Nick Clegg looked rather nauseous sitting beside him. After all, he did counsel the PM against Coulson's involvement. Maybe he should have sent an email rather like that future mother-in-law did. All we have now is a summer of innuendo and gossip. If only people could be really truthful.


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