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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hackers hoax story on Murdoch not funny

Rupert Murdoch - Alive and Kicking!
There's a group of hackers called Lulz Security which targets corporates and their alleged wrongdoings or excesses. News International has just been targeted or more precisely the website of The Sun. Readers were redirected to a hoax story which said Rupert Murdoch had been found dead in his garden. The hackers say that what they do is only for laughs. I disagree. I think it a rather sick joke if joke be the word. The story was entitled "Media mogul's body discovered". It suggested that Mr Murdoch had been found after he had "ingested a large quantity of palladium". Why on earth do they think this helps the cause of justice? Of truthfulness in business? For a return to integrity in business? Do lies help to unmask lies?

These people do not help the cause of openness. There will be no transparency from them. Let the select committees delve deep for the truth. That is what we require. Not juvenile nastiness from faceless cyber anarchists.

It's not funny, it's not helpful and it's not going to do anything other than give a cheap thrill to the perpetrators.


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