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Thursday, July 07, 2011

News Of The World to close over phone hacking scandal

Caught out at last!
Rupert Murdoch has decided to throw in the towel and close down the News Of The World rather than, I suspect, have his media empire done over with a dose of very strong salts. I used to read the NOTW but when Murdoch took it over the whole thing went downhill very fast. Gossip became tittle tattle and then the tittle tattle became sleaze and now its just a rag to make money for a grumpy git with a chip on his shoulder.

Murdoch never liked Britain. His revenge was to take The Times and other titles under his wing and hold our politicians to ransom. More fool them. Now he's got his comeuppance. The only sad thing is that a paper that could have been fun and fiesty has been ruined by the greedy morally corrupt people that took the Murdoch shilling.

That's a lesson indeed. Don't mess with the emotions of the Brits Mr.Murdoch. We tend to bite back!


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