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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nick Griffin re-elected leader of BNP

"I'm the King of the BNP Castle!"
The BNP has had a leadership contest. Nick Griffin MEP beat Andrew Brons MEP by 9 votes! Griffin will take this as a win in some understanding of Winston Churchill's "one is enough" view of electoral politics. I'd say the BNP is split down the middle. Also the total number voting was only 2,316. Not a vast army of radical rightists aiming to change the face of British politics.

Griffin says the "time for division and disruption is over" and urges members of his party to "go forward together". If any organisation wants to progress successfully that is a prerequisite. A house divided must surely fall. However, I'm not enamoured with the foundations or the masonry of the BNP's house. It will crumble rather than remain as an antiquity.


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