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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Texas executes another felon and carries on with life

Here yesterday, gone today
Texas has just executed another in a long line of executions. It's a kind of industry for the Governor and his minions. The fact that it continues rather like dispatching cattle in an abattoir is proof positive that it does not work. All it does is provide work for the incarcerators and death cell operatives. It also gives radio stations something to talk about and the religious right to pronounce on evil as they see it.

Texas is not a safer place because Mark Stroman has gone to meet his Maker. Successive governors, including the immigrant from Maine, Dubya Bush, have failed to stop the killings. They see death as a way to solve the problem. It's all very strange. When it comes to George Bush's death, will he go thinking he can make a good case in Heaven for judicial killings? What if he sees Stroman in a favoured place amongst the heavenly hosts? Will he smile sweetly or cause a rumpus?

I think the two most affected persons in this matter, namely the victim and the murderer, come out quite well. Stroman made his peace with the world and his victim Rais Bhuiyan made his peace with Stroman saying, "His execution will not eradicate hate crimes from this world. We will just simply lose another human life". Mr.Bhuiyan sounds like an exemplary human being. He also exemplifies Christian teaching in a nutshell.

So life carries on in Texas. Who cares that Stroman got executed? By next week, virtually nobody. The killing machine will still be there though and the death row industry in full swing (without the ropes!).


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