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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

David Cameron takes leave of his senses

Listen up! The Big Society needs fighters to fight back
I've just seen that David Cameron says "we needed a fight back and a fight back is under way". So it's a punch up on the streets is it? What kind of leadership is that? We need cool calm heads to restore order. This is just provocative words. It's the kind of stuff the cretinous Sarah Palin might say at one of her mad hatter's tea parties.

And we've got police chiefs sounding like Wyatt Earp. None of this will do much good. What these gangs have done is to instill fear. Late yesterday afternoon a rumour went round that Solihull was a target. "It kicks off at six!" a Morrisons staff member told me. This was in neighbouring Shirley. She told me the Small Heath branch had closed. Management were keeping staff alerted. I'd tried going to Aldi. Shut and lifeless. Staff gone home in fear. Same at Lloyds Bank, where a hastily scribbled note said they had closed due to "unforeseen circumstances". A bit like the credit crunch. Iceland was closed. People were hurrying home. This is real urban terrorism, I thought.

I walked past Stratstone. All their cars removed from the forecourt. Looked liked they had gone in a flash. Sainsbury's was open but not many in there. How many other towns on the borders of our cities were similarly affected? No mention of them in the news.

Instead of fighting in Afghanistan on a hopeless mission of trying to recreate that society how about trying to restore our own society? David Cameron thinks a fight back is needed. Do I take it the Big Society just imploded?


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