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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Essex Police pass Huhne file to CPS

Swapping keys to swap points
In these strapped-for-cash days the police don't like to be seen wasting public money, or at least that is the stated opinion of chief constables. So it is interesting to hear that Essex Police have passed their files on the Chris Huhne speeding case to the CPS. They wouldn't have done this unless they thought there was some chance of a pending prosecution. This points business in the motoring world is open to abuse. It's not as though it's an unheard of thing. I have no clue as to what happened in this case involving a spat between Chris Huhne and his wife. Huhne says he is pearly white in all respects. His ex-wife has had her share of muttering time.

I reckon the CPS is mulling over the prospect of a court hearing where judge and jury get to see two former married partners basically blaming the other. If it does come to court all concerned will have to have the patience of a saint. But it all boils down to which one is believable.

However, casting aside the prosecuting side of points abuse, it does seem that the habit of swapping points is prevalent in Britain. Last year Direct Line Insurance noted that 660,000 motorists admit to penalty points swapping. And that's only those who say so. What about the secretive lot that won't tell?

Driving a car should be a responsible activity. Yet people from all walks of life think that this sort of crime is perfectly acceptable. Most likely they are the ones calling for rioters and looters to be jailed instantly by the courts. I'm waiting to hear the rioters and looters call for points swappers to be likewise incarcerated!


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