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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fake Apple stores shake China to the core

Laid back approach to Apple store faking
China may be good at knocking out the goods at a fast pace with the help of a compliant workforce but it draws the line at knocking them off. After all, the People's Republic has a brand to protect - "Made in China". So it comes as no surprise to hear that the Pekingese sniffer dogs have uncovered 22 fake Apple stores all looking like the real deal but not so good as to fool the officials of the popular realm.

If faking an Apple store is possible, even if not undetectable, can others be faked. I suppose they could be. We have fake merchandise from cigarettes to exotic perfumes. As the fakers get more real it seems the dividing line between the real stuff and the other is getting thinner. This is not a new problem. Alchemists have been around for centuries. They've just moved into the next market that takes their fancy.

Rather like the rioters, fakers and copiers are selfish greedy types. They put minimum effort into maximum gain. But the world is rather confused. People in the West expect "Made in China" to appear on things they buy, as if the manufacturing world has been out with a commercial prostitute. It's not what they would hope for, but it's what they've come to accept.

So I think there's no longer a proper respect for brand names as the Victorians led us to hold. We now question motives and discount quality in favour of price. Britain lives in a world of buying under ripe fruit, flimsy clothing, MDF furniture and having to do self-service rather than being served. If you are served it's "you awlright, mate?" and an inability to communicate in a retail setting. Supermarkets see nothing wrong in putting their copycat brands next to the original that they obviously admire as the market leader.

It is a confusing world. Maybe the Chinese Apple fakers thought they were doing nothing wrong as so much is fake today and a bit more might help the world go round better. Who knows. But for 22 fake Apple stores they've been peeled, cored and had their pips tweaked Chinese mandarin style.


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