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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Michele Bachmann leads Ron Paul by an eyelash

Waving to adoring supporters
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has come out on top in the Iowa Straw Poll, although those voting only totaled 16,000 odd. Maybe they used short straws. I've just been watching Mrs Bachmann on TV. She's not my type, in rather the same way as Sarah Palin is not. It's all alabaster skinned neatness, glossed lips spouting words to the effect that God got her to where she is. Well, He gave her a close call. And who is to say that Ron Paul doesn't have God on his side. Thaddeus McCotter got 35 votes and, being named after an Apostle, did remarkably well. St.Thaddeus is the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes.

I take my hat off to the American democratic system and the chattering classes that spread themselves into studios across the land. Currently a section of this lot are in Ames, Iowa. One character suggested that the top tier candidates were Bachmann, Perry and Romney. Ron Paul got elbowed out of the conversation. I'm watching these partisan pundits with their sleazy language and loose grip on the facts. For their edification Ron Paul came second. He nearly beat Mrs Bachmann. Ron Paul is a top tier candidate - PERIOD!!!

As the election caravan chunters around the nation, some surprises will undoubtedly occur. Newt Gingrinch may come to seize the moment. Who knows? Anyway, with Tim Pawlenty out of the running, the race is now firmly out of the blocks with two front runners sharing over 50% of the Republican constituency. Ron Paul is going to attract far more support over the next few months. Hope is has enough hot dogs to go round.

1. Michele Bachmann - 28.55% 4823 votes
2. Ron Paul - 27.65% 4671 votes
3. Tim Pawlenty - 13.58% 2293 votes
4. Rick Santorum - 9.81% 1657 votes
5. Herman Cain - 8.62% 1456 votes
6. Rick Perry (write-in) - 4.25% 718 votes
7. Mitt Romney - 3.36% 567 votes
8. Newt Gingrich - 2.28% 385 votes
9. Jon Huntsman - 0.41% 69 votes
10.Thaddeus McCotter - 0.21% 35 votes


I'll weigh in with a few comments. I don't like Bachman myself. In a general election I think she would be beaten -- easily -- by an Obama campaign, even if did focus on the negative. Bachman is too much like Palin, another candidate with a very light background of real accomplishments. She could also be too extreme for the American middle.

Back in 2008 I actually thought that McCain would choose a woman to be his vice presidential running mate. It would have been a way to reach out to the large numbers of people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries. I even had a name -- Christine Todd Whitman. She had been a two term governor of New Jersey. She was EPA Administrator for over two years in the George W. Bush administration. She left because of political battles over EPA rules. Whitman is also a moderate Republican who can connect up with moderate Democrats.

Ron Paul still ranks low in most polls. I would like him to rank higher. He does have some important things to say.

Most people I know -- both Democratic and Republican -- currently prefer Romney to the other candidates in the Republican field. I will warn people, though, that my friends are not a cross section of typical Americans. They are even scared by Bachman. They also don't care too much for Perry. Perry, at least, has extensive experience at leading a major state, unlike Bachman.

I agree entirely. I that John McCain was an OK guy. His big mistake was to let Mrs Palin leave Alaska for a bigger stage. Mrs Whitman would have been a far better choice. It would have balanced the ticket as well as the East West state thing.

Rick Perry may be seen to have done well in Texas but I fear this is at the expense of jobs in other states. He polishes up well, though.

My hopes are on Ron Paul. He's a savvy politician, has a good heart, a clear intellect and he says what he believes. I may not agree 100% but I'd prefer straight-talking over weasel words any day.

I do hope you are right about Ron Paul and his chances. Frankly, my country needs more good people like him.

I live outside Washington, DC and read the Washington Post. It's not only a national paper, it is my local paper. Currently the news stories are telling us that Romney, Perry and Bachman are the leading contenders on the Republican side. Bachman really scares me -- and other people that I know.

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