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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

News of the World perjurers and hackers to be outed

Coulson and Goodman - who's telling the truth?
As the dust settles on the streets of London and other cities following the rampaging and violence of last week, attention is now turned to the crooks and deviants of society in other echelons of society. Britain's so-called broken society must include a few of the phone hackers and cheapskate journalists that have been declared "openly discussing" illegal activities in the editorial offices of News Corporation's red top rags.

Clive Goodman, convicted phone hacker of the Murdoch empire, now tells a juicy story that could implicate Andy Coulson in the ongoing scandal. Coulson has said on oath that he knew nothing about such wrongdoing. If he is found to be telling an untruth, then it is inconceivable that he would not get arrested on perjury charges.

I cannot understand why the Prime Minister is so besotted with Coulson. None of these journos appears transparent. In fact all involved are tainted it seems. Cleaning up Britain must include using some of those Clapham brooms and brushes on this lot of society breakers.


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