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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rebels no more! Libya has a new government

The BBC keeps talking of rebels as if the new authorities in Libya will be stamped with this monicker for ever. As if to say they will have rebel ambassadors, rebel ministers and rebel anything else. It must be something to be labelled a rebel just because you want to be free of a crazed dictator. I'd call it fighting for freedom but then one man's freedom fighter is another man's rebel.

Great joy and happiness in Libya
And what are we to make of Captain (jumped up colonel) Gaddafi? He seems to have been like all dictators before him. A nasty two-faced piece of works. Looting in Libya has been thankfully uncommon. Some Gaddafi hirelings looted homes, but generally such stuff is rare. Except in his fortified compound. There the invading troops of the liberating Libyan forces found all manner of tatty tot and cheap imitation rubbish. His golf buggy was paraded around, his wife's knickers were revealed as well as his own choice of underwear. He apparently had a stash of Sex In The City tapes. Was he watching these tapes as he garbled a radio message to his "followers"? The whole sorry episode is an unedifying stain on humanity. To think that such a man could be tolerated in the world for 42 years. Unbelievable!

Now he wants to chat to the new rulers about something. Quite rightly they tell him to surrender. What would he have to offer them in dialogue anyway? Best he comes out of his hidey-hole and face the music. But that may be difficult. Gaddafi may have been an officer but he is certainly no gentleman!


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