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Friday, September 16, 2011

Big Brother has more front than Sainsbury's

Two celebrities looking to be more famous
Big Brother left Channel 4 and moved to Channel 5. There's a celebrity version going on at the moment. Now the word celebrity should mean that a person is famous, of distinction, or just well known. I'd say Sir Bruce Forsyth was a celebrity. He fits the true meaning of the word. But Channel 5 and the Big Brother team think it means "being on the telly" or "having a big gob", so that's why so many that are currently appearing are practically nonentities.

Monty Python once did a sketch based on the rolling credits at the end of a programme. Some names had appendages such as "known only to his mum". This was a comical take on the fact that none of us know who these people really are. These days credits roll so fast or are squeezed to a corner of the screen that they are practical useless as credits. So who are the Big Brother celebrities? There's one big sister I recognise and that's Sally Bercow. She's got where she is by being a prize twitter and an opinionated spouse of another celebrity, Mr Squeaker Bercow. Then there's Jedward only famous for being losers and twits. And the rest I do not know.

Now I'm no expert on celebrities but surely being one means you have to be reasonably famous. Is there a guideline to being a celebrity? Are A listers known to millions whilst the B's and C's are known to thousands? It would appear that the current crop of contestants in the Big Brother House are more in the Monty Python realm of known people than in the household name category.

I remember hanging around a Labour Party conference in Brighton in the 60's trying to get the autographs of Messrs Wilson, Callaghan and Brown. I suddenly spotted the BBC's political correspondent of the day and asked him for his autograph. "I'm nobody famous!", he spluttered. "No, but you're on the television", I ventured. I got his autograph!


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