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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ex-MP jailbird Elliot Morley flees coop early

Elliot Morley discussing his clerical errors with prison cleric
I'm a little perturbed to see that Elliot Morley is out of jail early having only done a quarter of his sentence. And that being served in Ford Open Prison. How come he gets out so soon? A normal prisoner, if I may put it that way, would have to serve at least half. There should be no special favours for those who think they are special.

A lot of convicted criminals are drug users or drug pushers. Drugs come in somewhere down the chain. Others are taken with alcohol. In the main these people are seen as losers by society. But those in jail for cheating or just being too cocky for their own good are seen as being slightly different it seems. That's not fair at all!

Morley should have done at least half. Anyway, is he totally rehabilitated or not? More questions than answers as usual.


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