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Friday, September 09, 2011

Injury claim referral fees to be banned

Referral fees being discussed at accident scene
At last the government is going to clean up the matter of so-called referral fees. From insurance companies to those who pick up the cars from accidents, the whole aspect of car crashes is infected with spivs and those on the make. Solicitor spivs, police spivs, insurance spivs, there is no part of this that hasn't got a finger in this pie.

Legitimate claims should be handled by insurance companies. Everyone else should only be involved if they have a proper reason to be. Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly has said that honest motorists were seeing their premiums hiked as insurers covered the costs of ever more compensation claims. "It's certainly a racket. It's a sick culture that we have to turn round."

If we are to get back to honest business we need to root out the spivs once and for all. I find it very hard to understand why the police, legal profession and insurance companies have been quite happy to be involved in the racket for so long. It just goes to show how far a racket culture goes.


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