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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Murky world of Libyan and MI6 spy friendship

Moussa Koussa talking to the press
It was bound to happen. The victorious army of the rebels in Libya rifle through the files of the former spy ring of Gaddafi and find that MI6 spooks have been enjoying a friendship of sorts with the Moussa Koussa brigade. Some stinky revelations are coming out. I never believed Tony Blair and his syrupy talk about why he was cosying up to Gaddafi. I think we shall have a lot revealed, especially about these so-called renditions.

But the one thing I think that needs a root and ranch investigation is how Sir Mark Allen, a former senior MI6 operative is now advising BP. He was involved in this Libya friendship. If transparency is the order of the day for the Coalition government, let's hear how he got mixed up with it, because there does appear some unfortunate link to oil as before in the Iraq business with Dick Cheney and his chums. The BBC tried to interview Sir Mark but he's gone to ground.


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