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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rick Perry sleeps at night - Pontius Pilate didn't!

Death Row Cell in Texas - spot the cruciform layout!
Rick Perry lives the life of a politician flipping from religious rhetoric to populist polemic. I sometimes wonder what Bible these politicians are reading. Perry apparently doesn't believe in the New Testament doctrines but prefers a version of religion that suits the hollering hordes he's trying to ingratiate himself with. He is also something of a church flipper. That apparently is a person who "tries out" various denominations but is not firm;y rooted in any one. It a sort of glad handing approach, rather like the rubber chicken circuit in the secular world.

If Rick Perry sleeps at night not bothering whether a person is innocent or not then he's not a Christian in the real sense to my mind. In any event, death is not a penalty for Christians. For those who think they will be snuffed out  like a candle death probably is no problem either. However, it seems that Rick Perry's idea is that a person should see losing his life in this world as some sort of forfeiture. That amounts to a mockery of the Gospel.

Now I don't know whether those on Death Row in Texas have any Christian belief or not. If they have truly repented of their sins then the Gospel tells us that that is fine. Now that may not sit well with the hollering crowd that Perry seeks to influence at the polls. They seem to hold no truck with the Good Shepherd seeking out His lost sheep. Perhaps they would prefer it if the sheep that are not in the pen are given a good waterboarding in the sheep dip.

Perry may think talking tough as the Texan governor will make him electable. But there will come a time when he will have to account for those soporific nights. Will he be so bold in front of the whole company of Heaven? Pontious Pilate had his doubts. Rick Perry doesn't seem to have any. Strange.


This seems to be an American kind of thing. I understand in Europe things like church attendance are way down. Many people came over here centuries ago seeking the freedom to practice their religion. Sometimes they were quite intolerant of others. The Salem witch trials of the 17th Century come to mind.

I personally don't support the death penalty or many other things which are very popular in the United States. I and my friends think they are bad for society.

I don't know if you get Ken Burns history series over there. His history of the American Civil War is excellent. Starting in October over here his new history is about Prohibition. It looks quite good. Watching that might give people over there some better knowledge of America's religions and their influence on society.

I did see that, Chuck. A very good series indeed. If I may be so bold as to say I think there is a disconnect between real history and folklore history in the US. The American Civil War or War Between The States was not just about slavery. It was about differences over attitudes to freedom, class, wealth creation and democracy. Abraham Lincoln had some weird ideas about slavery and the "African Negro" but you won't hear them discussed much today.

If you can get it please listen to this Thought For The Day from Canon Giles Fraser. It's spot on!


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