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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saudi Arabian women to get the vote

Welcome to my council, ladies!
King Abdullah has had a dream come to him in the night. A harridan visited him and exclaimed that she'd have his guts for garters (or whatever keeps his dress up) if he didn't do something about the state of the desert kingdom. So he's done an about change on women's voting rights. The king announced the move in a speech at the opening of the new term of the Shura Council.

"Because we refuse to marginalise women in society in all roles that comply with sharia, we have decided, after deliberation with our senior ulama (the clerics) and others... to involve women in the Shura Council as members, starting from next term," he said.

Wonders never cease! However, it's about time too. I hope the ulama deliberated spiritually and were not advised to cobble together some well spun plan.


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