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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Capital Shopping Centres stung into active response

I'm the pied piper for you!
I see that the owners of the Braehead shopping centre have decided that 21,000 and rising Facebookers cannot be underestimated. Chris White, the photographing father, set up a Facebook page called "Boycott Braehead" which, by this morning, had been "liked" by more than 21,000 people. In a message posted on the Facebook page, Mr White said he would continue to press for other shopping centres to change their policies. He wrote, "Hopefully we can now move forward with a common sense approach into a situation that allows families to enjoy precious moments with their children, but at the same time ensure that such public places are areas where we can feel safe and protected. I have been overwhelmed by the public response on this issue and thank everyone for their support." Sounds like an eminently sensible man.

Capital Shopping Centres have now decided to review their policy on people taking photographs within their malls. Quite right to. But would they have done this without a real heave-ho push coming to shove? I think not.

British corporate business is so up its own orifices with political correctness and a morbid fear of being sued, that their business rationale is skewed big time. Any viewer of BBC Watchdog will know that corporates need a good dose of public shaming and humiliation before they see sense. That's a great shame. Perhaps now Capital Shopping Centres plc can blaze a trail by jettisoning all the nonsense that holds British business back. A kind of pied piper of Braehead!


During the weekend of October 7-10 here in the United States I photographed what we in Mensa call a regional gathering. I can't show you the photographs. One parent -- whose profession is "security" -- made me hide these photographs behind a wall where only people with a password can view said photographs. All of the photographs "protected" are of people having a good time -- with nothing illegal or even particularly harmful to anyone's reputation is going on. The pictures with children in them show bright children having a good time. Some of the photos show said children learning new things in a friendly environment surrounded by adults who are being friendly and helpful. But I must hide such photographs to "protect" said children. Grrr......

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