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Friday, October 21, 2011

Gaddafi is dead - God will repay

Gaddafi minutes before the bloody end
News got out of Libya fairly quickly that Colonel Gaddafi was dead. Then the questions (mainly from news organisations) came. How did he die? Where was he found? Apparently he was cowering in a drain. One wonders if this sort of refuge is the favoured hidey-hole of such people. Will Bashar Assad, Syrian dictator par excellence, be found eventually to have taken up residence in the drains of Damascus?

Questions kept coming. Then the questions faded into questionable statements. Such as suggesting it was likely Libyans would turn their backs on democracy and start an internecine squabble based on vengeance and a resurgence of old hatreds. I get the impression that most Libyans don't want further aggression. Why would they? However, such thoughts don't escape white western thinkers who seem to think Gaddafi will boil in Hell and hope he does.

Vengeance is an emotive thing. In some it gets them quite worked up. And often not about anything that is personal to them. Gaddafi's tyrannical rule has them foaming at the mouth. His bloodied and and brutalisied body is not enough. He needs the full wrath of Allah on him. Plus a heavy duty sentence in the nether regions of Beelzebub's B & B!

Of course, vengeance is alien thinking in the Christian gospel. Many times Jesus tells His followers that vengeance belongs to God and not to humans. For the very simple reason that continual fighting does not bring peace. Look at at Israel! Neither slumbering nor sleeping as peace alludes them on a daily basis. Hard going being a dove in Judeah today.

So let us hope and pray that true peace breaks out in Libya. Gaddafi is no longer. The future is what matters and the future should and can be peaceful.


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