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Friday, October 14, 2011

Oliver Letwin dumps documents during daily morning walk

Documentary evidence about dumped documents
Oliver Letwin is a character, he surely is. His political career has been a bit like a ride on an ageing merry-go-round. Riders are in for an enjoyable yet bumpy ride. Nothing he does or says is really earth shattering, yet he manages to contribute to the political mix. Apparently he's looked up to as being a deep thinker with a contribution to make in government. But isn't it always the way with cerebral types that they do the odd silly thing from time to time?

So it happens now that the Daily Mirror, red top reading for those who think they champion the have-nots, has followed the hapless Letwin as he strolls around on his morning walk reading documents that, once read, he has no further use for. He has been photographed popping them into bins as he perambulates. Shock horror, thinks the Mirror. These documents, including an electronic missive from equally cerebral Sir Malcolm Rifkind, are insignificant in the pantheon of Coalition policy making, according to Letwin. The Mirror disagrees and, having diligently read them, thinks "sensitive" material was available to third parties. Gypsies, tramps and thieves, no doubt.

What I find is the problem here is that politicians still don't think before they act. So much has been revealed of stupid actions by countless figures in public life that you'd think there was some sort of mental mechanism to stop such actions. "Don't do that, Oliver! Think of the consequences". Any such thoughts pass his brain? Obviously not. When Eric Pickles went for his Brentwood & Ongar seat he was asked about the positives and negatives in his life. "Well, let's start with the negatives, shall we? I'm too fat and I like westerns!".

It's a pity that we don't get more of this. Oliver Letwin has a lot going for him. But I detect a slight air of arrogance creeping in. Either that or stupidity. Has he never heard of shredders?


I know the government is saving money, but shredders are a necessity. So it's Oliver the Shred from now on, is it?


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