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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sir Jimmy Savile dies at age 84

A diamond geezer - Sir Jimmy Savile
Sir Jimmy Savile has bowed out of this world at the age of 84. Gone to join the Duchess, as he fondly called his mother. Jimmy Savile was one of my favourite DJs. He was his own man when it came to broadcasting. He was not public school ex-pirate radio, or BBC spawned, or from any other school of radio. He came before all that as he liked to tell his audience. He started in the dance halls before they became discos.

I liked him for his Jim'll Fix It show where he literally made dreams come true, not only for children but adults too. His appearances on Top of the Pops were prolific, being there at the start and at the end. But I will remember him for his Speakeasy show on Radio1 and his chart show featuring one chart from, say 1961, and then one from 1975. There was a rarity in hearing those songs, not often played. Now they can be obtained from iTunes! He was not digital. He was hands on discs.

Mainly an enigma, thoroughly Yorkshire in being down to earth and a genuine one-off. Owz about that, then!

Postscript - I see he was 2 days short of his 85th birthday.


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