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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sunny Side Up in Solihull - and other places too!

Londoners bare all (or nearly all!) on Primrose Hill as October heats up
I've had a busy week, so it was nice to have a summer's day in early autumn. The barbecue was brought out from early retirement. This year seems to be a weather record beating year on several fronts. Hottest days, coldest days, windiest days. The list is endless or at least it appears that way to me. Yesterday was the 1st of October and that was recorded as the hottest day in October ever. Or since records began. As I understand my geography and history there must have been some hellishly hot days and some extremely cold days in the past. The ice age and the tropical forests come to mind as extremes. However, bookmakers didn't exist in those days and betting on hot days was yet to come.

Yesterday the warmest place in Britain was Gravesend in Kent (that town often appears in the records!), where the temperature rose to 29.9C. When I heard that it was just a fraction off the 30C mark I thought that would make the bookmakers happy. But what a day to be sweating over the odds.

A lot of Britons took to the beaches. Many in places like Solihull just stripped to the waist and wandered about. That's mainly the young lads about town. As for the young women, many paraded in skimpy shorts and loose-fitting attire. Warm weather has an effect on the British. It's going to cool down for the working week which should satisfy the CBI. They've had too much on their plate recently. Hot Mondays they can do without.


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