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Friday, October 14, 2011

Trial of Vincent Tabak in Jo Yeates murder case

Trial continues in Bristol Crown Court
I'm not sure what the form is for discussing murder trials that are current and progressing. The newspapers don't allow comments "for legal reasons" by which I take it they don't want to be done for sub judice matters. But the trial of Vincent Tabak is being reported. I've previously remarked that the press takes an opinion even if it is not actually expressed in words. A picture tells a thousand words so the press makes good use of pictures. Am I alone in thinking that the pictures of Jo Yeates show her at her sociable best, smiling and looking attractive and the pictures of Vincent Tabak show him to be aloof or pudgy and sweaty (as the one of him after a cross country run)? It would be interesting to see what would be made if the content of the pictures was reversed.

That aside, I cannot begin to fathom what William Clegg,QC will say in Tabak's defence. The prosecution has given graphic details of what they deem to be an open and shut case of murder. The evidence, as reported, is quite compelling. Mr.Clegg is no slouch in the legal world. Whilst it should not be forgotten that a young woman needlessly died, I would not be very honest if I did not say I was extremely curious about the line of defence in this case.


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