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Friday, October 28, 2011

Vincent Tabak guilty of murdering Jo Yeates

Tabak found guilty
It was not unexpected as murder trials go. The fact that Tabak said he was "willing to accept his punishment whatever was coming to him" implied that even he may have had doubts about his plea. Having said that, there will probably be an appeal. There usually is one in such cases.

It had occurred to me that whilst in prison he will be asked to confront his guilt. As a convicted murderer he may be denying his murder conviction but accepting his manslaughter position. Kind of puts the prison authorities in a quandary. They like prisoners to accept the verdicts of the courts. There is more to come it seems.

Postscript - I was wondering what the family of Tabak must be thinking now. Having professed complete and utter belief in his innocence back in January they are now confronted with the knowledge that he was addicted to perversion of the worst kind and that he was "calculating, dishonest and manipulative". Makes one wonder if we really do know each other in this world.


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