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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Herman Cain in ginger sting sex scandal

Ginger White attempts to ginger things up for Herman Cain
I feel sorry for Herman Cain. He puts himself forward as a candidate for US president and all manner of stuff comes floating out of the closet. Not skeletons exactly but a gingered up story by a businesswoman, allegedly in financial difficulties, who goes by the name of Ginger White. She says she had a 13-year affair with Mr. Cain. Really? He says not. Is she on the make or the take?

What I find odd is that all these innuendos and claims of sexual impropriety all came about AFTER Herman Cain shot up in the polls. When he appeared as simply a paper candidate nobody batted an eyelid. Certainly not Ginger White. Was she thinking it best to behave like a volcano warming up its lava? Get ready for Krakatoa, Ginger's about to explode. Maybe I'm being too sensitive in thinking conspiratorially. But it's still a bit odd.

Anyway, these tales of sexual goings-on are distracting from the main task before us. That the United States, Europe and other western countries are in dire straits economically. If the lurid elements of the press want to delve into every aspect of this then we are in for a bumpy ride. And will it end with Herman Cain? What if some woman, or even a man, gets the urge to "go public" implicating one of the other candidates? None of this can be proved anyway, not unless secret cameras or tape recorders were used.

We heard today at the Leveson Inquiry how bullying some newspaper businesses can be to journalists just so a juicy story can help to sell papers. No doubt Ginger White's sudden rise to fame is helping the
commercial media, but it is not edifying. Not in the slightest.


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