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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nancy Pelosi caught out by 60 Minutes in Visa stock trade

Nancy Pelosi visually verifies her Visa activities
You have to hand it to some senators and representatives. Today is Thanksgiving Day, but they probably aren't giving thanks for a fruitful harvest in the fields. No, they are thanking those voters who voted for them not realising that they are only going to Washington so that they can became multi-millionaires. Forget the little people. It's the pork barrel politics that count.

I thought the leaders of the European Union were a pretty despicable bunch of self-serving anti-democratic personal enrichers. But the United States has its fair share of dishonourable political representatives. Steve Kroft is a very good investigative journalist, especially on CBS 60 Minutes. Just recently he reported on the share dealings of such worthies as Nancy Pelosi. In fact, he confronted her and asked her about her purchase of Visa stock and its subsequent monetary advantage to her. She appeared suddenly to have become a demonic cross between a fish out of water and a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car. All she could bleat was that she knew nothing but was a feared opponent of the credit card industry. It makes testimonial viewing. In it for what they can get out of it. Shame on you Nancy!

I thought we had enough pocket lining going on, but some American politicians seem to be doing it on a grand scale. I really do think that the American electorate gets a raw deal. It's a country where free speech is very much allowed, but its democratic institutions are very much geared to keeping the people at bay.

I really hope that on this Thanksgiving Day Americans can start to look forward to the day when corruption and cynicism are a thing of the past in their politics.


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