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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why is Cameron so raptured with Coulson?

Rebekah and Andy - Making it up as they go along!
David Cameron can't be a very good judge of character. He's still saying that Andy Coulson never gave him a moment's doubt. Yet most of the country thinks Coulson is a slippery character unworthy to have been so close to the inner sanctums of Downing Street. I can't fathom why Cameron is so besotted with this spin doctor and disingenous tabloid hack. It's not as if he can't spin things himself. He does that quite ably.

Now we hear that Rebekah Brooks and Coulson knew all along about phone hacking. That it was routine. Both Wade and Coulson come across as people who have their morals set in a parallel universe. I'm glad that we have this Leveson Inquiry. No stone to be left unturned. When I was a child I used to like turning over stones in the garden. All sorts would creep out after years of doing things their way in private. These tabloid journalists are no different. Perhaps Lord Justice Leveson might swat a few as restorative justice of a kind?


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