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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Feltham & Heston By-election Candidates

Feltham - First place off the plane!
Nominations closed today for candidates in the forthcoming by-election in Feltham and Heston constituency. Seems rather unseemly the speed of the by-election. Alan Keen has only just died. Labour might have waited a bit longer, but that's modern politics for you.

There are nine candidates standing. No loonies as such but some odd ones none the less!

David Bishop - Bus-Pass Elvis Party
Mark Bowen - Conservative
Andrew Charalambous - UKIP
Roger Cooper - English Democrats
Roger Crouch - Liberal Democrats
David Furness - BNP
Daniel Goldsmith - Green Party
George Hallam - London People Before Profit
Seema Malhotra - Labour

The election will be held on Thursday, 15th December between the hours of 07:00 and 22:00.

I see that the English Democrats and Liberal Democrats are next to each other on the ballot paper with both candidates called Roger. May be confusing, but with logos now on it may not be so.

Seema Malhotra is favourite to win I suppose, but who knows. Smaller parties offer a good place to place a protest vote.


This Election gives us a real Choice, My Vote will go to the only Party that Supported the 2 million on strike this week, and the only Party, putting People before big business interests.. George Hallam the London People before Profit candidate will get my donations, My Votes and My time to Win..Remember Labour are no different from the Goverment, The Last Labour Goverment was more right wing than Thatcher, as it put the Interest of Money before People.. Have local people already Forgoton 90% Labour MPs fiddled expenses..PFI has crippled the Health Service.. Tuition fees started by Labour... Do i really need to give more reason as to Why every one should Vote London People before Profit?. they are Huge in south London, do really Great work, This election is not about Changing the Goverment, so we can all make a real Protest and put People before Profit.. Go for it george.. London needs you to win..

I wouldn't support that party. I wish more of these candidates would do more to combat anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhoods and on public transport and to protect our environment from pollution before London becomes the dirtiest city in Europe.

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