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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Jeremy Clarkson in union execution row

Jeremy Clarkson causes outrage
Every time Jeremy Clarkson comes on live TV and is asked for his opinion on topical subjects he says something outrageous. It seems very odd that the BBC would expect otherwise. I don't hold too much with Clarkson's boys' talk and humour. He's a bit old for being Jack the lad and all that. But loads find him interesting, fun and a bit dangerous. He makes the BBC quite popular and a bit of money through their commercial arm. So I'm not bothered by his utterances. It's harmless, really.

Unless of course one is a humourless trade union leader. In the vinegary mould comes Karen Jennings, Unison assistant general secretary, who's been popping up on news channels. Sourpuss Karen told Sky News that Clarkson's comments were "almost inciting anger and hate towards public sector workers" and called for David Cameron to go further in his condemnation. Dave Prentis, mastermind behind the disruption, wants Clarkson strung up for severe political incorrectness. Dave's version, of course.

Leading the chorus is the pompous prig Ed Miliband, who says it is all "disgusting and appalling". A bit like New Labour and their handling of the economy. That was very disgusting and exceedingly appalling.

But free speech is a wonderful thing. I'm quite happy to hear from the Rail Maritime and Transport union. A spokesperson has popped up to say, of Clarkson's apology, "This is the half-hearted apology of a scumbag trying to save his job and the fat salary we all cop for as BBC licence payers. Clarkson is a repeat offender when it comes to spouting offensive right-wing garbage and is little better than the English Defence League with a dodgy perm." Nice turn of phrase, especially when it includes innuendo and downright insult. You know these union leaders. All fast cars and fast tongues. I used to be a trade unionist, but as a conservative knew all too well what slimeballs the leftwingers can be. And hypocrites of the first order.

It's all a storm in a tea cup. Now if you want a hurricane in a kettle you only have to look at Rumpuy Pumpuy and his EU conspirators. They are far more dangerous and far more sinister. But that's another matter.


What a bunch of humourless pricks these flapping heads from the trade unions are. I thought his comments were more a sly dig at the PC'ness of the BBC but they were too stupid to understand.

He's right about the pensions being gold plated too.

He is right, apart from the shooting bit which was clearly a joke. How dare they

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