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Friday, December 02, 2011

Jeremy Clarkson is big hit on BBC website

Karen Jennings calling for Clarkson's arrest
So the trade unions got all upset with the insult about them. Jeremy Clarkson has done what he does best. Promote himself and get his bete noirs all charging around in a rage. He's also helped the BBC's web ratings. If that site was commercial he'd be flavour of the month or year. 21,000 people have complained to the BBC about his remarks. No doubt urged on by the likes of Karen Jennings. No standup comedienne she.

However, she appears to have backed down from her excited desire to see Clarkson arrested and interrogated by the Metropolitan Police. "What was it you exactly said?". Now Ms Jennings has woken up today in much meeker mood. "We've accepted the apology. He's recognised that he went too far in saying what he said and what we're doing now is extending our hand to him to come and work with a healthcare assistant to see just how they work and the healthcare they deliver. I think he would enjoy that." He might Karen, but are you up for it?

What I would like to see is a special Top Gear show featuring trade union bosses. I wonder what lap times they might do on the circuit.

As I said previously. All a storm in a tea cup.


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