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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

John Terry in race row charge

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The Crown Prosecution Service is in the lip reading business. That's the only way they are going to prove their point that John Terry, footballing vulgarian, racially abused another footballer. The other ball kicker was Anton Ferdinand, who is of mixed race. He's had some threatening letters and has himself been in trouble with the police over a fracas outside an Ilford nightclub. He was acquitted as the jury believed he was acting in self-defence.

The CPS and footballers don't go together very well. The modern prosecution service is all politically correct and self-important. Modern footballers on the other hand tend to be rude, crude and bad to know. Gary Lineker played in a different universe!

Now we only have Ferdinand's word for it that Terry slagged him off with a racial epithet. The CPS have heard Terry's denials, yet wish to proceed. John Terry says he will fight the case "tooth and nail". If that is so, then this will be a fine courtroom drama. Lipreaders and soothsayers to the witness stand.

Racial abuse is one thing, very distasteful. But the legal profession with cretins at the helm is also very unappetising. I hope the CPS know what they are doing. Playing a straight bat, I trust.


The Legal profession has cretins at the helm? What about the FA? Full of cretins...!!! You didn't have to be a deaf person to have lip read what Terry said....!!! As the commentator at the time said what he had just witnessed was shocking and something that could not be repeated.... Not my words... THE COMMENTATOR OF THAT MATCH...!!!! Don't you bloody dare defend Terry... As it is even if he does get found guilty is likely to get off pretty lightly max fine of £2500... FA Wont take any further action as he would be getting punished twice....What utter bull crap... Luiz Suarez gets 8 match ban and £40,000 fine... Police would not investigate that incident due to lack of evidence, one word against another.... With Terry there is overwhelming evidence.... Oh and don't forget that back in 2002 Terry was charged with a racial attack and affray but got off on a technicality.... !!! FA getting involved in that no doubt to clear him then an all...

Dear me, anonymous, I was certainly not defending Terry. What I was alluding to was the crazy situation we are in with this. Nobody has apparently come forward to say they heard Terry mouth a racist remark, except Ferdinand himself. That leaves the CPA with lipreaders as witnesses. I grant you that the FA is stuffed full with cretins. They have turned a wonderful game into a business empire of premier plcs all trying to make money like the Eurozone.

I certainly do not defend Terry. But if the "overwhelming evidence" you say exists just evaporates in court a judge will just wave him goodbye. It is up to the lipreaders now.

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