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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Piers Morgan and the bog-standard tool

"Yes, No, Maybe"
Yesterday Piers Morgan gave a bravuro performance at the Leveson Inquiry about his knowledge of phone hacking. He made Humpty Dumpty look like an amateur. His memory was varied and definitely lacking in detail, but he managed to make his evidence sound convincing to himself. Today up pops another ex-Daily Mirror hack who says phone hacking appeared to be a "bog-standard journalistic tool" for gathering information. If it was that standard one would have thought Piers would have been aware of it. I would.

I like watching Piers Morgan on TV. He's re-invented himself as a word waffler supreme with a fine line in interviewing technique. But he also comes across as a slippery weasel, the sort that would know all too well how to operate a bog-standard tool for journalistic purposes.

It's a pity Lord Leveson is only heading an inquiry. Sometimes I wish he had recourse to summary justice, but I know that goes against my grain and almost everyone else's. But it did cross my mind!


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