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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rick Perry quits White House race

Rick Perry bows to the inevitable
Rick Perry has soared like an eagle in this Republican race for the White House and then come crashing down like Icarus. Perry literally waxed and waned as he tried to hold his campaign together. So he bows out today, apparently knowing when it's time to make a strategic retreat. He never came across as a credible candidate to me. Not much added up and his policies were slightly weird. He now backs Newt Gingrich against the dreaded Romney.

Now Newt has his problems too. By the time Saturday comes, there will be no end of closet doors banged wide open. His ex-wife is acting as chief door banger on one closet. She claims he wanted an open marriage. Really? It's this sort of tripe that is supposed to put people off voting for him, when in actual fact they've only got to look at his political theories to know that they will only be getting the same old stuff. The only one to take on Mitt Romney and drill down through his rhetoric is Ron Paul. Dr.Paul should leave Mitt wide-mouthed with his lack of answers to pertinent questions. And Mitt Romney is having to deal with his money issues. Tax and his understanding of it is one.

I enjoy the primary season, but this one has certainly exposed the skeletons and given them more hope of an active life than ever before. I just wonder if politicians ever learn, or is it always going to me like this? Anyway, one more down. It's a bit like ten green bottles.


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