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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ron Paul riding high in Iowa

Ron Paul being snapped in Iowa by adoring paparazzi
The BBC has woken up in 2012 to the political reality that Ron Paul could be president of the United States. They usually skipped past him in their reports of the GOP presidential race to concentrate on airheads like Palin and Bachmann or smooth talkers like Mitt Romney. Now they have to wake up and literally inhale the coffee!

Ron Paul is making strides where the others took steps and he keeps to his line. Big government spending just keeps the gravy train going. Congress has been like a giant fat queen bee being pampered by the taxpaying workers. Also, those in power have been printing money like it was a Chinese tea towel factory. All cheap and cheerful but bound to end in tears.

Here's what the BBC's Brian Wheeler says whilst he scribbles from Des Moines. "Ron Paul inspires the kind of devotion in his followers that most modern politicians can only dream of. Yet he is seen by many mainstream Republicans as, at best, a deeply misguided figure, "a good protest vote" as rival candidate Newt Gingrich described him recently. At worst, the 76-year-old Texas congressman is viewed as a dangerous radical who would isolate America in the world and wreck the fragile economic recovery at home."

If Ron Paul is a good protest vote then Newt Gingrinch is a wasted vote. Newt knows how to scrape the pork barrel clean and then fill it again with dodgy scraps and fatty bits. He's in a world of his own. Ron Paul would isolate America from the rest of the world? Ron Paul has NEVER said that! Digging around in Iraq for WMD and oil contracts written on rice paper is not his idea of a proper foreign policy. Dubya did just that and look where that got us. 2012 and Iraq is into car bombings and civic corruption on a growing scale.

The whole western world needs to be rid of the gamblers and the chancers that have somehow got themselves into political power and a new lot of positive leaders without spin and subterfuge as top motives. Ron Paul wants jobs based on real creative need, healthcare provided by caring organisations not state institutions and a foreign policy that extends the hand of friendship rather than hostility. Who could gainsay that? No president would compromise the security of the nation deliberately, but some have done it through sheer ignorance. I favour a president who will bring America back from trillion dollar debt and nebulous wars based on the actions of comic strip heroes.

Republicans in Iowa - Ron Paul is your man!


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