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Monday, January 30, 2012

Spanair collapses leaving passengers stranded

Spanair grounded as airline goes bust
Another airline bites the dust. This time it is Spanair, described as being Spain's fourth largest airline. Seeing as the largest, Iberia, had to merge with British Airways just to keep going, it doesn't say much for the other two. The trouble is people are not going to Spain as much as they did. The whole thing is a spiral downwards into decline. What can be done about the Spanish economy I do not know, but Spanair is no longer part of it. Except to say that the vultures are circling. Ryanair being one of them - "We certainly see it as an opportunity to expand our base" - and the Spanish government being another, seeking to fine the corporate corpse 9m euros (£7.6m; $11.9m) over the collapse. Talk about trying to get blood out of a stone!

When any business collapses it shows that competition is weakened and the market is contracting. This may be good news for Ryanair but not such good news for passengers. It will be a fateful day if the only airline in Europe is Ryanair. Hobson's choice and no mistake!


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