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Monday, January 16, 2012

'Startled and fearful' woman executed in the United States

Death reported as a matter of fact in a matter of fact way
"Vengeance is not Mine" in the United States. Most Americans, it would seem, happily go along with a kind of an eye for an eye mentality when it comes to justice. Restorative and correctional are words either misused or abused. Interesting that the Republican Party candidates are now debating penal policies rather than just baying at the moon and exciting folk about death on gurneys.

Another woman has just been executed. Gone where nobody cares. America is a religious country but not necessarily a Christian one. Dominical commandments are conveniently forgotten when it comes to the big business that is the prison service of America. Just keeping one inmate on death row costs a fortune. Everyone is in the grip of greed and personal advancement. It is a spectacle of the worst sort.

Why the United States thinks this is a civilised system I have no clue. Maria Glod of the Washington Post was one of the press reporters who witnessed the death yesterday of Teresa Lewis. She was the first woman to be executed in the US for five years and in Virginia since 1912. Ms Glod appeared before cameras as if she were commenting on Antony Worrall Thompson's edam seizure at Tesco. That's how the death of nondescripts is accepted. Who cares? Death is death. It's a punishment and something to be feared. Ms Lewis is elsewhere now, but are the prison authorities, the politicians and the voting public any closer to the God they claim is saving America from the world?


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