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Monday, January 23, 2012

Taking us for a ride

Theodora Dallas looking suitably chastised
There seem to be any number of intelligent, well-paid people who, when confronted by mistakes or wrongdoing, decide they either did not know they were doing wrong or just feign forgetfulness. One such is a Greek woman who found herself on a jury. Dr. Theodora Dallas is obviously no thicko and must be quite bright to be a university lecturer in psychology. I assume she lectures in English and not Greek, seeing as this job is held in England. All jury members are advised by the judge not to consult or communicate with the outside world. Obviously if in doubt the maxim is "ASK". She gaily fingered her way across the internet to find lurid details about the accused in question. Found out he'd been convicted of rape and then shared this juicy detail with fellow jurors. Did she think this acceptable jury duty? She's now produced a waffling statement basically suggesting she was a total innocent in the whole thing. Thankfully three judges beg to differ and have found her in contempt of court.

In the "taking us for a ride" department the whole sorry saga of phone-hacking tops the pile I think. News International's rogue reporter has suddenly been joined by a huge group of phone-hacking hacks and Murdoch's seedy outfit is shovelling cash in the direction of wronged celebrities. More roller-coaster nonsense comes with the HS2 promotion. "It will create jobs" the pro campaigners shriek. Well I could stand in New Street shouting that I'll create jobs, but the words will be worthless. This is not about job creation, but about wealth creation for those promoting the 20-minute time-shaving high-velocity railroad. I really think that if it ever comes to pass, "businessmen" will be expected to knuckle down and do business on the HS2. No looking out of the window or having inane conversations on fiddly blackberries. If anyone is found not hard at it, it will be enforced ejection at Coventry. These business leaders need to put facts first and not waffling rhetoric. Answers are currently in the slow lane.

Tesco share dealings, Antony Worrall-Thompson's cheese heist and the daily round of nonsense about the euro all contribute to us being taking for a ride. Why people can't just admit mistakes or tell it as it is, I do not know. I thought the days of spin were over. I somehow think they are here to stay.


Excellent piece but there will not be any stop at Coventry or anywhere else I'm afraid - the fat cats can only be ejected at Euston or Curzon Street. Funny Arup sponsors the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.... Ask the people of Birmingham if they want it, like the Birmingham Post did and the answer is no. Maybe the business people should be made to step out of Colmore Row and talk to those living in poverty in the rest of the city.

I was thinking of a sort of Spike Milligan stop at Coventry. “The die was cast. It was a proud day for the Milligan family as I was taken from the house. “I’m too young to go,” I screamed as Military Policemen dragged me from my pram, clutching a dummy. At Victoria Station the R.T.O. gave me a travel warrant, a white feather and a picture of Hitler marked “This is your enemy.” I searched every compartment, but he wasn’t on the train. At 4.30, June 2nd, 1940, on a summer’s day all mare’s tails and blue sky we arrived at Bexhill-on-Sea, where I got off. It wasn’t easy. The train didn’t stop there.”
[Spike Milligan, Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall]

Disappointed HS2 is getting the go ahead because the fields around Berkswell, Burton Green and Balsall Common and get for walking. Such a shame to see the country ripped up to save 20mins on a journey!

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